The Bitcoin Economy Is Booming. Here’s Where The World’s Leading Digital Currency Is Headed

Web3 could change the game for the economies around the globe, which can unite the most effective ecosystem partners to take the most efficient actions at the beginning in order to make the trade process more convenient.

Debjani Nasscom’s President, Debjani Nasscom, was quoted in the native media to state:

The rapid acceptance of India of cutting-edge technology, as well as its growing startup ecosystem and the potential for mass-scale digitally-educated skills, are solidifying India’s status in the world Web3 scene.

What are you currently focusing on? Are you concerned about India becoming a dominant global player within the Web3 market? Tell us in the comments section.

Kevin, who was an Austrian Economics student, came across Bitcoin in 2011. He has been an evangelist ever since. His main interest is how secure the Bitcoin Open Supply software as and its community-based results. Also, he is interested in the link between economics and cryptography.

image credit : Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

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